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Splashing the C Word Around With Business

At an event at Brisbane’s Wandering Cooks a handful of Tuesdays ago, a friend of mine told me I had been described to him as “that energetic guy who puts on those Byron to Bundy events”.

Energised really sums up how I feel about Byron to Bundy, and conscious business in general. Yes, that’s the C word I’m talking about, obviously! 

I love to help conscious people connect, and help them grow their impact. And yes, I do get a little animated at our events. If you haven’t been to one yet, you ought to! The air is electric.

The Sponge is the agency I founded in Sydney back in 2001. We are an impact brand story agency that specialises in renaming, rebranding and brand refreshing conscious businesses and organisations.

To put it simply, my team and I “help good businesses become better brands”. That’s our purpose. And we are selective about working with businesses that have a positive social and/or environmental impact, or the intent to come on that journey with us. As well as making a healthy profit (because profit sustains positive impact!). 



I love witnessing business owners and leaders light up when they share with me what they are truly passionate about changing in the world. It’s my favourite thing! Then I can help them connect that passion and impact to their brand story. With it ingrained in their brand story we can amplify that impact, increase healthy profits, and ultimately create fulfilment.

The Sponge team are brand storytellers, helping businesses refresh or rebrand around their purpose, values and impact model. That is where we start, right at the heart of their brand. When we get these fundamentals aligned, the brand story we develop together and tell through the branding and marketing can meaningfully connect with the market.


Our team is a healthy mix of strategists, designers, developers, content creators and techs. Every role that is needed to develop a world class brand story and bring it to life, awesomely. We are all purpose and values aligned and love what we do.

The Sponge is almost 20 years old now, so we have been in this game for a while. But we haven’t always been a purpose led and conscious branding agency. We used to be guns for hire, working for any brand that paid. Regardless of what they sold.

Things changed for us in 2016 after I watched The True Cost (an expose on fast fashion), which had me in tears. I was a changed man before the documentary ended. I see this as my purpose moment. And afterwards, I went on a firing spree.

The Sponge could no longer work for businesses that were only about profits. This started us on a journey of self discovery, finding our new purpose, brand story, and ultimately B Corp Certification.

Certifying on Jan 1 2017 was just the beginning. Meeting 200+ incredible people at B Corp Leadership Development day later in the year was the clincher. This was my tribe! Selfishly, I wanted more. I believe we are the average of those we associate with. And I want to be surrounded by awesomeness.

Skip forward to 2019, The Sponge is based in a different city (Brisbane), surrounded with a new and growing community of awesome people doing amazing things. Some were at that event in Sydney. Many are new faces. All are awesome.

The Sponge is proud to be involved in growing the Byron to Bundy Good Business community, and to good businesses become better brands, both locally and around the world. As a company we are living our brand purpose. I am personally living mine. And I am loving life.

Yes, we will be re-certifying as a B Corp. To us, it is a pre-qualifier for awesomeness.

I am Luke Faccini, founder and chief brand storyteller at The Sponge. I am here to help you connect with this awesome community of ours, and become a better brand.

P.S. At the time of posting this, tickets have gone on sale for Byron to Bundy’s Earthbound event at The Farm Byron Bay. It is set to be epic.

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Humbling Words From Awesome People

Our brand looks better than we could have dreamed and The Sponge team managed to squeeze so much meaning into it that our prospects really get a sense of how we can help them.
Darren Vardy
Insolvency Options
The Sponge have been outstanding to work with. Their expertise, dedication and outstanding quality of work is second to none. I am grateful for their input into the design of our brand and website.
Matt Malouf
The Fortune Institute
The Sponge truly immersed themselves into our business, our team and our culture to develop a brand that not only captured our essence but more importantly; expressed it to the world.
Mende Seljanovski
Enth° Projects
Love their vision, love their work and mostly love the team!
C. S. Chen
Claytan Australia
Luke and the team at the Sponge are truly artisans of their craft. They're AWARE, they DARE and DELIVER.
Claude Di Ciano
Richardson & Wrench Willoughby
Awesome design. Easy to work with. Jobs are completed quickly. Highly recommended.
Alexander Bont
Great creative proactive company. Could not be happier with the works they both provided and suggested. Now our go to company for branding.
Ross Thompson
JHA Engineers
Awesome company with awesome creativity. After working with them over 2 years, The Sponge has successfully turned me from a happy customer into a raving fan!
Jeremy Chen
Claytan Australia
High level strategic thinking and their creativity makes them stand out. Quick turn around time and reasonable price make them the winner every single time.
Syed Mujtuba
Crescent Wealth
A great vibe and energy brought to every project that The Sponge have led for me. Easy to work with, quick on the uptake of direction and prompt service. Will definitely be using The Sponge again and highly recommend.
Lucette King
NSW Department of Education
The Sponge team are great to work with. They translate your ideas and vision into something real and tangible and they truly want to make an impact to your business strategy with their valuable insights. We have been using them for over 10 years and would highly recommend their expertise.
M Levonian
William, Thyme & Prophet / Report Factory
Luke and the crew at the Sponge helped set up our Corporate image as it stands today. They were extremely helpful and patient. They took the time to understand our business and brainstormed with us some of the essential elements and came up with various images until we were happy with the final one. Can't recommend Luke and his team enough. Thanks again Luke.
Kim Lie Jom
Complete Health Chiropractic
I usually don’t believe in one stop shops, because of the inability to be great across many areas, but The Sponge truly are the one stop shop for brand creation, innovation and lead generation.
Mark Capelin
Tribe Social Fitness
I have had The Sponge involved in several IT based projects over my years working as a Software Developer. Each project has seen results that have exceeded expectations and I highly recommend them.
Shane Wisniewski
Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety
One of Luke’s talents is his ability to move people and organizations from the creative to the innovative, commercializing ideas and inventions.
Rodney Marks
Hoax Speaker
I recommend The Sponge’s services to new and established organizations who are looking to differentiate themselves from the “ordinary” and stand out from the crowd.
Annette Wright
InfoGenesis Pty Limited
The Sponge’s perceptive sensibility guarantees a perfect match between your business and its presentation to the world. They makes your values, ethics, goals, and the 'feel' of your business shine through every aspect of your brand.
Geoff Walker
Sydney Massage Time Pty Ltd
Branding is a familiar concept to comms & marketing professionals like myself. But it’s often a mystery to other staff, and for brand to be authentic, unique and indispensable they all need to be on board. This training helped me clarify branding to everyone in our organisation. Now they’re all part of the brand redevelopment crew, identifying and sharing stories that resonate with our values and purpose. Thanks, Luke, for launching our journey to uncover the brand that ‘comes from within’.
Avril Janks
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
We were in the middle of re-branding and wanted to know how better to market our product including how better to tell our story. This webinar provided practical marketing techniques, and rationale to explain the benefit of this strategy. The 'light bulb' moment for me was making the connection between the power of storytelling and marketing our brand.
Susan Perry
CEO CommunityGro
The Sponge is enabling small business to focus on essential elements of marketing/strategy. I used to go in circles and best guess engagement with customers; I didn’t understand my target market. The Sponge gave me a real wake-up call: To realise how much time and money I was throwing away for no return. The learning was interesting and interactive. Now, I feel in control and focused.
Sue Lea
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