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An elite executive search firm engaged us to create a brand and presence in the market that expressed their areas of distinction.

What Did We Do?

Brand Name Creation

Brand Design

We created the Ingen name, brand design, style guide, letterhead and follower (with distinct brand story designed in), business cards, and initial website design.

Brand Name Creation

After exploring possible directions, domain names, registered business and IP we presented options and Ingen was selected. 


Here’s why: A simple, shortened version of Ingenious, a word that means clever; brilliant, able to perform well, and having a proven capacity to execute their client’s challenges. 

Logo Design

To create the identity we traversed many directions. One in particular was flight and view point. Starting with a kite graphic, we progressed to a simple paper aeroplane, then to a similarly styled swan followed by various other birds, finally ending at a stylish origami bird of prey. From the process of engineering the actual origami bird, the oh-so-fitting tagline was born: “Engineering career flights”.

Style Guide


We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands