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The Byron to Bundy conscious business and B Local community needed a rename and rebrand to resolve the geographical challenges and confusion caused by the name.

What Did We Do?

Brand Name Creation

Strategy Execution

Brand Design

Rename, Brand Strategy, Brand Mark, Brand Collateral, Website, Seasonal Promotions, Pull Up Banners, Digital Advertising, T-Shirt Design


The Byron to Bundy organisation established its name without defining their brand purpose, values, or model! They didn’t talk to the market to get clear on who would be their community members (their customers)! And they didn’t get clear on their impact model, so did none of the foundation work before the name. They were way too eager. And destined for problems.

The main attributes we wanted the new name to embody were:

  • Increased scope within Australia (and potentially global)
  • A movement (in conscious business)
  • And momentum (be forward moving)

And of course, be short, memorable, sound good, be easy to say and spell.

For a detailed breakdown of this case for renaming, with all its compelling information, read this post:


Here’s why it meets our criteria:

  1. It increases the scope to include community to the very tip of Australia. And addresses the current community with ease.
  2. GoodNorth is true north. Good is the true north. Find your true north at GoodNorth. This whole idea changes the context to that of a global movement of Goodness (in business and life).
  3. North is upwards and onwards, embodying positive momentum.

And it is short – two-syllables, so hard to screw up. It is easy to say and easy to spell.

Brand Design, Rebrand

Watch the video here for an overview of what we did for the Byron to Bundy to GoodNorth visual rebrand and how we integrated the key story points.

We brought design elements from the old brand into the new brand making it recognizable:

  • The typeface is similar
  • The word stack is also familiar
  • The colours are the same

In addition, we have captured some of the new story in the design:

  • A true north pointing compass point, because Good is the True North.
  • And we have fused the OOs together in GOOD to symbolize the strong community connections this organization is all about

With this new design, the existing website and social channels are a relatively seamless refresh. It has been designed to be quite flexible to translate easily across the different mediums

Style Guide

Below is the logo presented in primary colour and in reverse. Additionally, there is the brand colour guide where we leave nothing to chance, especially with Orange.

Pull Up Banners

Events are a focus for GoodNorth, so pull up banners are bold, simple and place the logo at eye level to make for great photos.


The key to a great t! Bold colour, simple graphics, easily recognizable from across the room and in photos.

Social Ads

Social media and email communications are the means today to get people to attend, so a design suite to cover Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and ticketing sites was required.


The website had been designed and built by our team prior to the rebrand. With colours and typestyle being kept the same, it was a simple matter of cloning the existing site and migrating to a new domain name. Then the exchange of logos and brand name throughout the site.
Naturally the website is desktop and mobile friendly.

We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands